Advice Guide on the Best Way to Clean a Fish Tank

Best Way to Clean a Fish Tank

Setting up an aquarium requires a bit of work because you want to set it up just right to your liking as well as make it a comfortable environment for your fish. It may take a bit of time to do, but once you get into the routine, then you will have your freshwater tank set up in no time!

However, setting up your fish tank isn’t the only thing to keep in mind when overall caring for your fish, but keeping up with the setup by keeping the tank clean is also important for the cleanliness and health of your fish. So now, we will further discuss the best way to clean a fish tank.

How to Clean Your Freshwater Aquarium

  • Keeping your freshwater fish tank clean isn’t as hard as it was to setup. One thing that you will need to do, however, is keeping track of the pH levels in the tank. You’ll also need to watch for the gunk that tends to build up in the tank and change the filter cartridge on a regular basis.
  • Change out about half of the water every 2-4 weeks. An easy way to clean fish tank is with the use of algae scrubbers that help with keeping things nice and clean on a regular. If you’d like to do even less work, then you could invest in a self-cleaning aquarium.
  • When you get ready to change the water in your aquarium, make sure to turn off all of the pumps and heaters. Take all of the decorations, including rocks and gravel out of the fish tank. This is the best way to clean fish tank starting out. You’ll want to rinse all of the decorations, rocks, gravel, etc.
  • With warm water to remove any gunk or algae that is left on them. You can remove or keep the fish in the tank while you are cleaning if you move them to put them in a bucket or separate tank inside some of their old water while you clean.
  • The best way to clean a fish tank is with the use of either a gravel cleaner or a siphon that is homemade, which will remove all of the gunk and slime from the rocks.
  • While you should leave a small amount about 1/4 – 1/2 (depending on how dirty the tank is), you should still add mostly freshly treated water to the tank as well so that your fish will have nice, clean, clear water swim in.

How to Remove Algae from a Fish Aquarium

Algae is quite annoying when it starts to build up in a fish aquarium, but there is no need to wait for your regular cleaning schedule to occur before cleaning it.

The best way to clean a fish tank when it has algae build up between cleanings is to use a scrubber to remove any algae build-up that starts to appear gently.

Cleaning the Fish Tank Gravel

The best way to clean a fish tank when it comes to gravel is by purchasing a gravel cleaner at your local pet store. Buy a Siphon or make one yourself to use for your gravel.

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