Breeding Ground for Aquatic Plants with Best Planted Aquarium Light 2020

Best Planted Aquarium Light 2020

Brighten Up Your Fish Tank and Offer a Proper Breeding Ground

Whenever you enter a room with the lighted aquarium, your attention is drawn automatically towards the beauty of the aquarium, and you desire to stare at the lights and decoration of the aquarium longer.

This is the effect which can only be achieved with right and best planted aquarium light.

Proper lighting is necessary to make your planted aquarium successful and alluring. Without best aquarium LED Lighting, your plants won’t get the required energy and nourishment to grow and thrive.

So, when it comes to buying the lighting for your planted aquarium, you must always prefer choosing the one that works efficiently and provides the required lighting to the plants in the aquarium.

Below you will come across with a helpful guide on how to choose the best planted aquarium light along with reviews of some best aquarium lights for the planted tanks.

Best Planted Aquarium Light – Reviewed as Per Many Features

Fluval Aquasky LED Strip Light

ReviewEnjoin Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Fluval Aquasky is the best LED Strip Light designed for planted tanks. It comes with Lumen ratings of 6500K in white color and tri-colored RGB LEDs, and this offers the ultimate adjustable spectrum for full coverage of the average size planted tanks.

This lighting offers the ultimate natural environment for the plants to grow and flourish and also creates the cloud cover along with fading lunar and lighting and storm effects. Therefore, giving plants with various natural environments and promoting the best ground for the photosynthesis process.

The LED lights come with Skypad remote controller with varied controls and settings, and this enables you to control the lighting effects of the LEDs from remote locations without having to control it physically.

  • You can easily adjust the color effects, sky effects and also choose from up to 11 preset sky effects and a variety of color selections.
  • It also has about 120 degrees of light dispersion that ensures full area coverage and uniform lighting effects in the aquarium.
  • The package includes the extendable mounting brackets that ensure easy installation of the lights on a variety of aquarium widths.

  • Tri-Coloured RGS LED lights with 6500K ratings

  • Replicates a variety of natural environments

  • Remote control with varied effect options and settings

  • No timer available

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Aquatic Life LED Aquarium Light Fixture

ReviewEnjoin Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

This is the revolutionary LED Aquarium light fixture that is feature-rich and game-changer in the realm of outdated and complicated LED lighting for a planted aquarium. This is a sleek, low profile LED lighting designed to improvise the life inside the aquatic environment while being invisible over the planted tank. The LED light features a 3-channel timer with timer backup for all the functions that enable you to control the bright white, mixed color individually, and moonlight LED, creating lighting to replicate the underwater daytime sunlight and sunset and sunrise effects and shimmering blur glow of the moonlight.

It has an ultra-slim design that is combined with the latest LED technology to ensure enhanced light output.

It offers 6 color effects with 120 degrees of dispersion. This ensures the full spectrum of light that is needed by inhabitants of a planted tank.

  • It integrated Wi-Fi Edge 4-channel time with Smart Phone App that enables you to control all white and mixed color independently. Reef Edge LED light fixture is also available sizes of 36” and 48”.
  • It offers the ultimate light output while damaging the aquatic environment.

  • 3-channel timer wit timer backup

  • LED Panel of Edge Fixture

  • Wi-Fi Edge 4-Channel Integrated Timer with Smartphone App

  • Installation needs skills

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KZKR Aquarium Hood Lighting LED Fish Tank Light

ReviewEnjoin Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

KZKR is the aquarium light that is designed to be installed on hood of the aquarium, and this is the upgraded version of the colorful spectrum of lighting that comes with extendable brackets, which is great for any aquarium. The lighting not only helps the plants for growing, but it also creates vivid colors on all your aquatic plants and also increases the ornamental value of the fish tank. The panel comprises of 5 color full-spectrum LED lights with 3 optimal control modes – all LEDs on, only Blue LED on, and close.

The panel comprises of high-quality LEDs which can be used for at least 50000 hours nonstop. If one of the LEDs is not working or malfunctioning, the others will keep working.

This fish tank light is designed with high-quality LEDs with high energy efficiency, low energy dissipation, and extended LED lifespan.

It features the aluminum alloy shell, which is very durable than the plastic counterparts.

This LED light can be used both for the marine tank and freshwater fish tank.

The lumen rating of the LED is 4515K, and it is suitable for a tank length of 90cm.

  • Full Spectrum LED Lights with 3 control modes

  • Comes with extended brackets

  • Super bright with 5730SMD

  • Not a waterproof model

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Koval Aquarium Lighting Fish Tank Light Hood

ReviewEnjoin Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Koval Aquarium Lighting is the hood-mounted LED lighting for fish tanks which come with upgraded colorful full-spectrum lighting with an extendable bracket which is suitable for large fish tank up to 90cm.

It is brighter and can illuminate the aquarium efficiently with low energy consumption. The lighting it produces not only helps the algae and plants to grow more luxuriant but also makes the aquatic plants vivid in color, and this enhances the overall aesthetic value of the aquarium.

  • The LED light features 156 bright LEDs with 5 different color options to make the fish tank look vivid.
  • The high-quality LEDs included in the panel can be used for at least 50000 hours nonstop, and if any light fuses or malfunction, the rest of the lights would be working as it is without being affected by the fused light.
  • It is highly energy-efficient and consumes very less energy for illuminating the entire fish tank and the extendable brackets the LED to fit in the different sized aquarium in extendable range.
  • It also features 3 optional control modes – all LEDs on, only blue LED on and close all lighting.

  • Extendable bracket for an extendable range of lighting

  • 3 optional control modes

  • Low energy dissipation

  • Not for use inside the tank

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NICREW SkyLED Aquarium Light Planted Tanks

ReviewEnjoin Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Light up the aquatic life of your aquarium with this new NICREW SkyLED Aquarium Light for Planted Tanks. It is ultra-thin and comes with aluminum design mounts, which looks really very sleek and designer over any aquarium without any awkward components. The lighting panel is designed with white LEDs, which has the capacity of 6500K illumination, and the blue moonlight glows higher for nighttimes.

This model is perfect to fit in the aquarium with the size of 33long, 40long, or 55/77 bow front.

The high-quality lights offer full-spectrum light that not only promotes proper photosynthesis and growth of aquatic plants and fish but also illuminate the fish tank brightly.

  • The LED light features a lightweight aluminum alloy shell that is very durable, and the kit is available in four different sizes, and it comes with extendable brackets on both ends to get fit in a variety of fish tanks.
  • Installation of the light is also very easy and requires no skills or extra tools for its installation.
  • You simply need to adjust the size of the bracket and apply extra force to get the bracket in place for proper installation.

  • Quality delivery of full-spectrum lighting

  • Extendable aluminum brackets

  • Bright LEDs

  • Not a waterproof model

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Finnex FugeRay Planted+ Aquarium LED Light Plus Moonlights

ReviewEnjoin Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

This is the contemporary ultra slim LED lights for a planted aquarium, and this LED fixture comes with a series of LEDs that promote freshwater and marine refugee growth. Unlike all other models, it features multiple high output LEDs that are sated beautifully for high light output. It is designed with more evenly spaced LED alignment that is ideal for refugee purposes and also for the purpose of low, medium-light required in the aquariums.

The control option also comprises of moonlight feature that is on a separate switch, and this is activated in the evening to provide the freshwater with a pleasant moonlight tone and experience.

It features the moisture-resistant PC splash guard that protects the lights from water damages.

It is quite advanced and comes with true 660Nm RED LEDs, which are considered to offer the efficient wavelengths required for optimal plant photosynthesis. It offers a warm tone across the aquarium.

It has durable LEDs that are built to last more than 40000 hours with LED spread up to 120 degrees.

It has a unique leg fixture, which enables the LED lights to be mounted on different sized sump setups and aquariums.

  • Heat sync for ample cooling and great heat dissipation

  • 660Nm Red LEDs for the warm tone

  • LED Moonlight feature

  • Longevity of LEDs is average

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Finnex Planted+ 24/7 HLC Aquarium LED Light

ReviewEnjoin Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Finnex HLC Series Aquarium Light is the slimmest and thinnest series of light for planted fish tanks, and it comes with solid built-in captivating aluminum hood. The series features the innovative combination of four bulb clusters of 8000K daylight, blue, red, and green LEDs. This light promotes the growth of all types of aquatic plants, along with making the fish feel the nature within the aquarium itself.

The light uses the 24/7 color control, and you can save a different color combination in multiple intensities across its 24/7 program. You are required to set the fixtures once, and it will go through the custom daily from sunrise to sunset without any manual interference.

  • Apart from the 24/7 programs, the fixture also features four separate memory slots that allow you to store and access the custom colors and intensities as per your command.
  • You can access the functions through its IR controlled remote, and it comes with four different weather modes, including starry moon night, thunderstorm, cloudy, and sunset.
  • In order to find the position while setting the custom function, the HLC series features the sleek built indicator sensor that comes with two diverse color indicator LEDs to make things clear for you.

  • Razor hood design with high-performance LEDs

  • Certified grade power supply

  • Conformal coatings

  • Installation must be done carefully

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Finnex Stingray 2 Aquarium LED Light

ReviewEnjoin Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)

Finnex Stingray 2 is the thinnest series LED lighting hood for a fish tank that needs to be installed atop an aquarium, and it offers the dual amount of LEDs of the original series along with options of using crisp blue moonlight for night time viewing pleasures.

This LED light for planted aquarium comes with three diverse color schemes, including the 7000K Daylight LEDs to brightening the entire fish tank.

  • It also features the 660Nm Red LEDs and Actinic Blue LEDs that are integrated to highlight the colors across the fish tank.
  • This series also offers the basic aquatic life support and includes the plastic legs which can be glided within the hood tracks for adjusting the lighting into the aquarium.

Its 120-degree optic angle offers the even color blending and proper coverage, and the high color rendering index LEDs produce the optimum PAR for reef and freshwater aquarium.

You can now enjoy the night time aesthetics for the planted aquarium simply by switching to the moonlight mode of the light. It offers the option to use moonlight during nighttimes for fish and plants, which need less light.

  • Moonlight option

  • Intertek Certified Power Supplies

  • True 660Nm Red LEDs

  • Not a waterproof design

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Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus Light for Aquarium

ReviewEnjoin Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Now you can easily customize the color of the LED lights of your aquatic environment right from your couch with this new freshwater optimized RGB+White and wireless remote controlled LED fixture. It is not only advanced in features but also super bright with 6500K White LEDs that repaired with full-spectrum RGB LEDs that offer all the colors under the sun, and all are controllable from a single 32-key customizable remote. It enables you to have the game-changing effects that help you to get into the world of limitless possibilities.

It features Satellite LEDs, and each color can be adjusted individually for endless custom color blends.

It features 6 freshwaters optimized color pre-sets and 12 dynamic effects and 4 memory buttons for storing the color blends along with play/pause for each mode on-demand.

The LED light hood features the ideal fit sliding docking legs that enable for easy and faster adjustments for a variety of installation processes. It also has scope for multiple fixtures, and it comes with a 120-degree dispersion angle, which is optimal or color blending and lightly spread across the aquarium.

  • 32-key customizable remote

  • 6 freshwater optimized color pre-sets

  • 120-degree dispersion angle for full lighting spread

  • Water damaging is a possibility

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BeamsWork DA FSPEC LED Aquarium Light Pent Freshwater

ReviewEnjoin Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

BeamsWork DA FSPEC series is the ultimate LED fixture designed for planted aquariums that need energy-efficient and high-quality lighting.

It can be used in place of typical single tube fluorescent light in your planted aquarium, and the LED fixture is pre-installed with 100000K, Red 620NM, Actinic 460Nm, and Green 520Nm spectrum LEDs.

The model is very sleek and modern in look and design, and it makes the other aquarium lighting boring indeed. It features the longer-lasting LED lights with no requirement for the bulb replacement.

  • This LED light for planted aquarium comes with the two-mode operation that enables full power during the moonlight and daylight mode, which is suitable both for nighttimes and daylight conditions.
  • The LED fixture comprises extendable brackets that enable you to use it on a variety of planted aquarium regardless of its size.

Each fixture comes pre-wired, and it can be used with an optional timer module. The package includes the power supply driver that is compatible with 220V to 110V power outlet, and it comes with the Lumen ratings of 4000K that is suitable for a cichlid, plants, and freshwater.

  • Pre-installed LED fixture with 10000K

  • Two-mode operations

  • Extendable brackets for various size fish tanks

  • Water damage is possible with this fixture

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Best Aquarium Lights Must Have Following Things

The Type of Plant in Aquarium

You need to understand that different plants demand different lighting levels, and you need to choose the Best Planted Aquarium Light depending upon the plant your aquarium has.

Some of the plants require higher lighting to grow and thrive, while others require a very low and moderate level of lighting.

Carpet plants which are found at the base of the tank usually need a higher level of lighting, while the midground plants need a moderate level of lights, which are not too low and not too high.

So, depending upon the type of plant your aquarium has, you need to make the selection of best fish tank lights.

Size of the Aquarium

Today, the lights for planted aquarium come in different sizes and types. When you are looking for the Best Planted Aquarium Light, ensure to consider the overall size of the aquarium.

The large aquarium needs a huge amount of lighting, and the smaller tanks need a medium to moderate level of power.

If you are looking for lights to brighten up the larger aquarium, ensure to buy the best LED aquarium lighting for Plants that have broad coverage with intensity to spread the light throughout the tank.

Control Options

The best planted aquarium lght is the one that comes with different control options. It must have different controls to handle the lighting system. It must have the controls that can help you manipulate the behavior and functioning of the lighting system easily so that it can work as you desire.

The best light for planted tanks usually comes with remote control, which allows you to control the lighting of your aquarium remotely without having to access the lights manually to change the settings.

Types of Aquarium

Today, the market is flooded with different types of aquarium, and all come with diversified lighting needs. So, you need to be sure that you are buying the best planted aquarium light that is suitable for the type of aquarium that you have.

There are best coral lights suitable for coral reef aquarium and also lights for tropical aquarium. It is extremely important that you use the right and best light for planted tanks.

You need to check the label of the lights to know which type of fish tank or aquarium would be suitable for the particular type of light and make the selection accordingly.

Light Spectrum

The light spectrum is another important factor to consider when looking for the best planted aquarium light.

The right amount of lighting required for the growth and nourishment of the plants and the light spectrum helps you to evaluate this.

The right light spectrum has multiple colors, and this ensures that the plant receives sufficient lighting to promote the photosynthesis process.

Durability of Lights

  • You will never desire to end up with the Cheap Aquarium Lights, which don’t deliver the consistent performance you need.
  • You need to ensure that you choose the best planted aquarium Light that comes with higher durability.
  • The durability of the lights usually depends on the material that is used to design the lights and the type of LEDs that are used for the light.
  • You are always required to check the brand and build the quality of the lights before buying Best LED Aquarium Lighting for Corals.

Kelvin Rating

This is another important factor to consider when buying best planted aquarium light. You need to ensure that the lights you are buying for your planted fish tank have the best Lumen or Kelvin ratings.

These are the two units used for measuring or evaluating the different outputs of the lights in terms of both total visibility and color temperature. So, ensure to look for the Kelvin or Lumen ratings before you buy Best Freshwater Aquarium Light.

You must always prefer to buy the lights that have ratings of 7000K or 6000K.

The Budget

You need to understand the fact that today, the market is flooded with different types of lighting for the planted tank, and you need to buy the one that comes with the latest features and affordable pricing.

The budget for buying the best planted aquarium light varies from one person to another, and it also varies depending upon the need to have the lighting for your planted aquarium.

It is important that you set a budget before starting your hunt for top fin LED Lights for planted tanks.

There are different brands with a different pricing list for their LED lights for a planted aquarium, and you are required to compare the pricing of different brands prior to buying one to grab the affordable and best deals.

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