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Cleaning Rabbit Cage

There aren’t very many people who enjoy the task of cleaning rabbit cage. However, if you wait too long to clean it, it will just be harder to clean all of the build-ups of rabbit droppings and soiled bedding.

You should always stick to a schedule when it comes to cleaning rabbit cage. If you do a small amount of cleaning throughout the week, then you don’t have to worry about performing a deep cleaning of the rabbit cage.

For the most part, you will want to clean your rabbit’s cage once a week, but depending on the size of the cage, it might need deep cleaning more often. This also depends on how many rabbits you have shared one cage. This is why, in some cases, many people opt for buying a self-cleaning rabbit cage. There are many easy clean rabbit hutch options available on the market for you to choose from.

Cleaning your Rabbit Cage Daily

If you work on cleaning rabbit cage daily, then you can rest assured that the rabbit cage will stay clean regularly, and it will always smell fresh.

Fresh foods that haven’t been eaten by your pet rabbit should be removed from the cage on a daily basis. Food bowls should be washed out regularly, and water refilled, etc. A bottle brush would make cleaning the bottle out easy to do. You should also regularly spot clean any areas that get dirty in your rabbit’s cage.

Another thing that you need to do while cleaning rabbit cage is scoop litter out daily to keep it fresh in the cage and add more litter on an as-needed basis.

Cleaning the Cage Weekly

Choose a day each week that you’d like to set aside some time to clean your rabbit’s cage. This will make the process of cleaning the rabbit cage much easier.

When cleaning your rabbit’s cage, you need to:

  • Take your rabbit’s toys and accessories out of the cage and clean them with warm water and gentle dish soap.
  • Remove the bedding and any other fabric. Wash it and replace it accordingly.
  • Wipe the cage down with hot water and vinegar mix as this will remove stubborn urine stains. For smaller cages, you can opt for rinsing them in the bathtub or using a hose to clean them outside.

Cleaning Your Rabbit’s Litter Box

Early it was mentioned that your pet rabbit’s littler ox should be cleaned regularly (spot cleaning daily).

The amount you clean will also depend on your rabbit’s urine and droppings output, so pay attention to the times of day that your rabbit needs to urinate and defecate.

If your rabbit is defecating or urinating more than usual, then you might have to take him/her to the vet because it could be an underlying health issue.

The type of litter that you use will also play a role in how much you change it. Shallow litters will require more maintenance and cleaning, while litters that are thicker or have more layers will require a less amount of cleaning.

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