How to Keep Dog from Digging under Fence [Points Included]

Keep Dog from Digging under Fence

Your dog just may be the type of dog that has a field day digging craters in your yard. If you are a victim of your dog digging under the fence, destroying your landscape, etc., then you’re in luck! We are going to give you some useful tips that will help keep dog from digging under fence.

So first, let’s take a look at the reasons why your dog might be digging under your fence and around your landscape.

Fun and Entertainment

Digging could simply just be a way that your dog stays entertained. If your dog is doing any of the following, then rest assured these are some of the signs that you will get:

  • When they are left alone for extended periods of time.
  • Their environment is boring, with no toys or companions to play with.
  • Your pet is just a puppy and doesn’t get out enough to run off energy.
  • They belong to the terrier breed or any other breed known to dig.
  • Your dog is a very active breed.
  • They observed you performing yard work recently.

How Should You Handle This?

Below are some dog digging under fence solutions that you can take into consideration:

  • Take your dog on walks 1-2 times per day.
  • Play lots of active games with your dog with a ball, Frisbee, or any other toy they might be interested in.
  • Practice fun commands and tricks with your dog to keep them attentive and stimulated.
  • Take your dog to a puppy play-date to have some fun with another dog or two.
  • Keep toys in the yard for your dog to play with. Learning toys like Kong toys are the best for stimulation.

These are all amazing solutions to prevent digging under fence.

Some Dogs are Hunters

Dogs are hunters, some more so than others. It is very well possible that your dog is digging to hide insects or small animals they find in your yard. If this is the case look for these signs:

  • They focus on one area only in your yard.
  • They dig at the roots of trees or plants.
  • They have created a path layout in your yard.

What you should do

To keep dog from digging under fence, you should search for animals that could possibly be burrowing in your yard. Use a safe, humane method to keep them out of your yard.

What to Avoid Doing

Using toxic or poisonous products to keep dog from digging under fence and to keep pests out is not recommended. You could cause your pet to get ill, or you’re your pet, so make sure to use natural remedies only.

Comfort & protection

To keep dog from digging under fence you might need to re-evaluate if your dog has enough shelter from the sun on hot days or trying to stay dry in wet weather.

In other words, a lack of good shelter can cause your pet to dig holes. So to keep dog from digging under fence you should provide them with the comfort and protection that they need.

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