Trade-In Program: Get Credit Towards a New Device

Welcome to our trade-in program!

Are you looking to upgrade your device? Consider trading in your eligible device for credit towards a new purchase! Our trade-in program offers a convenient way to save money on your new device by exchanging your old one.

Understanding Trade-In Values

Before you dive into the trade-in process, it’s important to understand how trade-in values are determined. Several factors come into play, including the condition, year, and configuration of your device. These factors can affect the final value you receive.

When you submit an estimate for your device, the actual value will be determined upon receipt and evaluation of the device. It’s essential to provide an accurate description during the estimation process to ensure you receive the expected value.

Eligibility Criteria for Trade-In

Not all devices are eligible for trade-in credit. It’s crucial to check if your device qualifies before proceeding with the trade-in process. Additionally, you must be at least the age of majority to be eligible for trade-in credit.

Applying Trade-In Value Towards a New Device Purchase

Once you’ve received the trade-in value for your device, you can apply it towards the purchase of a qualifying new device. This allows you to save money on your new device and enjoy the latest technology without breaking the bank.

Important Information about In-Store Trade-In

If you prefer to complete the trade-in process in-store, there are a few things to keep in mind. You’ll need to present a valid photo ID as part of the trade-in transaction. Depending on local laws, the store may be required to save this information. Additionally, some stores may have additional requirements for trade-in transactions, so it’s essential to inquire about any specific guidelines.

Terms and Conditions for Trade-In Transactions

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions associated with trade-in transactions. Sales tax may be assessed on the full value of the new device purchase. Apple or its trade-in partners reserve the right to refuse, cancel, or limit trade-in transactions for any reason. The availability of the trade-in offer may also vary between stores and online trade-in.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to trade in your eligible device and save money on a new purchase. Upgrade to the latest technology and enjoy the benefits of a new device today!

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