Woman survives 4-hour operation to remove ax from her head



It took only four hours for doctors in India to remove an ax lodged into a woman’s skull last week.

The victim, Rekha Dangi, from the community of Vidisha in central Madhya Pradesh, was brought into the Narmada Trauma Center in Bhopal after being struck by unknown assailants on Oct. 12, reported Jam Press, while she and her family were at their local temple.

Dangi, 36, arrived at the hospital with the blade of an ax measuring 8 centimeters long wedged inside her head — which could not be removed until the patient was on the operating table, otherwise risking fatal hemorrhage.

Ten doctors took part in saving Dangi’s life, including a neurosurgeon, traumatologist, vascular surgeon, plastic surgeon and others.

Rekha Dangi
The blade in Rekha Dangi’s skull measured about 8 centimeters long, wedged into her head at a depth of 6 to 8 centimeters.
Jam Press/Rare Shot News

Surgeons discovered that the blade had penetrated her skull by 6 to 8 centimeters.

Their first course of action was to mend a damaged meningeal artery, one of the brain’s major blood circulatory pathways, then remove a clot that had formed in the ruptured vein. Lastly, the ax was removed.

After a successful surgery, Dangi has reportedly continued her recovery in intensive care.


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